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Sustainability policy


We at Álfheimar believe in the ideology of sustainable development and it is important to us that our operations have a positive influence on our surroundings, including nature, economy and community. By allowing our guests to experience what it’s like to live in a small community like this, we hope that we can motivate them to take back some part of our vision. Below is our sustainability policy.


It is important for us at Álfheimar to run our operations in harmony with nature and the local surroundings by:

  • sorting and/or recycling all garbage.

  • using ecofriendly options for heat and electricity.

  • using ecofriendly cleaning products.

  • treating our surroundings with respect and keeping our property clean and tidy.

  • fulfilling all conditions of environmental rules and regulations for our type of business.


We at Álfheimar contribute to the local economy at Borgarfjörður eystri by:

  • choosing local products if possible.

  • offering meals made from fresh local ingretience at our restaurant.

  • hiring local staff if possible

  • both owners and business having legal residence in Borgarfjörður eystri.


We at Álfheimar wish to improve the community‘s quality of life by:

  • increasing the levels of service and job availability in the area and ecouraging our guests to visit other local service companies such as the local shop, restaurant, spa, craft house etc.

  • giving the local people at Borgarfjörður eystri the opportunity to influence tourism development in the area trough an active co-operating forum.


We at Álfheimar find it very important that our guests experience the magic of our natural and cultural heritage. It is our hope that our community and the ideology we live by will touch your hearts and give you something extra to take home with you. This we try to achive by:  

  • educating our guests about our community and its core values.

  • sharing with our guests the local vision of preserving both nature and community.

  • allowing our guests to experience what it‘s like to be a part of our community and enjoy everything it has to offer.

  • helping our guests experience our natural and cultural heritage through the magic of folk lore and fairy tales. 


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